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Template Guide for Scrapbooking

Looking at all those pictures you have accumulated over the past years, have you ever ask yourself what can I do with them? In order to remember our precious memories, we take picture to capture unforgettable moments; like a birth of a child, a wedding, a graduation, Christmas, birthdays and many, many more occasion.

If you are looking through your album and find they’re a mess or if you are like many others and simply have them in a box in your closet, you might want to consider organizing them in a creative scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a much more personal, fun and creative way of re-capturing the special moments in your life.

“Templates” or as I prefer to called them, Scrapbooking patterns are simply ideas that can help you along especially if you are a beginner. There are hundreds of templates out there to choose from; from wedding, to babies, to parties and much more.

To get started and make something that will be beautiful and appealing, you will need to get all the material needed to make your scrapbook and then you will need to choose pictures that you would like to gather into an album.

What is most fun about scrapbooking is that you have the chance to really personalize your pictures. You can crop them, add poems or lyric of a song that is connected to that special day and even memorabilia, like plane tickets from your honeymoon and so on.

Scrapbooking albums are found in 3 different sizes. The most popular is 12”x12” but you also have paper size which is fun too 8½”x 11” and all new is a smaller size 7”x7”, very cute for a vacation album.

There are many online places that you can find and download scrapbooking templates.

When choosing a template, you need to use something that is appealing to you. To help you decide on the colors and texture you might want on your pages, simply look at your pictures and choose colors and texture that will make them stand out. Don’t forget to add quotes or little story that are attach to the pictures.

For example, one of you scrapbook could be all about the precious little person in your life, your baby. You have tons and tons of picture baby first day, baby first smile, first bath, first sit, and the one and only first step; all important things to document for him or her when they grow up.

Template example the “Babies book of firsts” should be related to boy or girl. For example if you have a girl, your primary color should by pink, plus you need to choose patterns that relate to your baby.

There are so many things that you can put in baby books: you can have letter stickers or rub-on’s. Another good idea is putting baby items in; baby bracelet from the hospital, ultrasound, baby shower picture, mommy’s nice big tummy, all that’s important to you, hair from the fist haircut and so on.

The most important thing to remember when scrapbooking is to have fun, use your creative instincts, they is no wrong way of doing this. Those are your precious moments, make them beautiful for you.

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Photo Scanning

In the world of scrapbooking, photos are important. So I am always on the lookout for a great place that offers awesome photo scanning services. And I found just that over at ScanDigital.com. Not only do they scan photos, but they also have many other services that will preserve your most cherished possessions…you're pictures and movies.
They will take old movies and pictures and put them onto high quality discs or DVDs for you. Don't wait till your memories are gone forever. Preserve them digitally, so generations and generations to come can enjoy them as well.
At Scan Digital they take great care to ensure your items receive that personal touch it deserves. Take a look at their easy to use and very helpful site for all the great services they offer. Their prices are right there on the site, so you know exactly what things are going to cost. Customer service? You bet, a phone number right on the front page, so you know it's easy to use and helpful. Lear about the company, the services and much more.
If you are in the market for some great photo scanning services (And I know that 100% of you scrap bookers are!) you should definitely give Scan Digital a look.
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Notably New: Neu Scrapbooking
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PawPressions, a scrapbooking app for your pets, launches $34K Kickstarter
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Scrapbooking crop day at Swansea Library
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Pinterest Goes Beyond Digital Scrapbooking to Enabling Aspirations
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Scrapbooking:A Pathway Through Grief
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